There is no better way to become familiar with the life blood of a church than to join a Sunday school group of believers & invest in one another in community. If you are new to Decatur First or maybe you've been here awhile & haven't gotten truly involved with the community here, we invite you to consider attending one of our Sunday school classes.

9:45-10:45am Sunday mornings

For more information on Sunday School classes, contact Associate Minister Joya Abrams.


Location: Education Building, Room 309

Contact: Tim Sobon

The word agape means love. It is a special love that values and esteems, is unselfish, and is ready to serve. This Sunday School class exemplifies this word by supporting several important ministries of Decatur First UMC, including the Fall Festival, Hagar's House, and Transitional Housing. Fellowship is important to Agape, and the class strives to hold quarterly socials. (Some socials include children while others are for adults only.)

Bible Study Group

For: All Adults

Location: Education Building, Room 217

Contact: Quinn Hudson

Founded in 1984, the Bible Study Group is an intergenerational adult Sunday School class that seeks to understand the meaning of God's word in their lives. It follows the Wesleyan quadrilateral tradition of employing scripture, experience, reason and tradition to discern the meaning of God's word. This class studies a wide variety of scripture and texts. The class creates a safe, welcoming environment for critical thinking and everyone is encouraged to question and explore their shared faith.

The Bible Study Class hosts various lecture series which are open to all. The lectures foster thought-provoking discussions. Current events are frequently included in discussions and topical guest speakers such as Barbara Brown Taylor, Bishop William Willimon and Doug Blackmon have attended. This group reads books about other faith traditions as well.


For: Adults 40s to 70s

Location: Education Building, Room 209

Contact: Woody and Mary Spackman

Debtors was formed in the early 1970's and today has grown to 65 members who range in age from late 40s to early 60s. The lessons cover a variety of topics that are introduced by guest speakers and teachers. The Debtors organize the annual church BBQ which is a fixture to most DFUMC members. Proceeds from the event go to the class's favorite charities. Many socials are held throughout the year.


For: Adults 40s to 50s

Location: Education Building, F1

Contact: Jeff & Marney Mayo

Ichthus is an acronym for Jesus Christ Son of God our Savior. This class was founded in 1974 and has grown to 80 members. It consists of married couples and some singles in their 40s to 60s. Children of members range in age from preschool to young adult. Class members usually teach but occasionally a guest lecturer is invited. Bi-monthly gatherings are for Bible Study and dinners or movies out. There are annual Christmas and Super Bowl parties. On-going service projects are the Methodist Children's Home, Jerusalem House and Senior Connection.


For: Adults 20s to 30s«

Location: Education Building, Room 314

Contact: Cameron Jones or Jennifer Maley

Kehillah is Hebrew for community. This group focuses on four dynamics of community together: learning, service, fellowship, and worship. They learn in a discussion-style class led by members on Sundays at 9:50 AM. They serve in the church's organic garden, the city's MLK Service Project, and various other opportunities. They fellowship at dinner parties, Braves games, and a city parks softball team. Finally, they worship together at the Traditional or CAYA services each week. To learn more, check out their Google Calendar and Facebook Group.

Knox - Peabody

For: Senior Adults

Location: Education Building, Room 211

Contact: Rex & Sacra Vaughn

Knox-Peabody was founded in 1956 and named after the two original lead teachers. Class members are mature adults who are married, widowed and single. Weekly attendance is about 15 people. Four class members as well as various guest lecturers teach the class on a rotating basis. Knox-Peabody has several socials per year including a Christmas party and a mountain trip in the fall. The class contributes to the DFUMC pre-school and CMO programs, the Methodist Children's Home, the Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry, Hagar's House, and Aldersgate Homes.


For: Adults over 50

Location: Education Building, Gathering Room (101)

Contact: Bob Hill & Doug Joyner

Koinonia - Koinonia is the Greek word for fellowship and this class epitomizes that word. They enjoy studying and worshiping together, as well as celebrating and supporting each other through life's daily joys and sorrows. This is a class of singles and married couples who come from all over the metro area. Attendance ranges from 20 to 35 each Sunday. Members are divided into four groups that plan the programs, refreshments, devotionals, and monthly social activities for the class. Koinonia supports Honduras Outreach, Appalachian Service Project, Mountain View Nursing Home, Hagar House Shelter for Women, and other missions as requested.

New Beginnings

For: Adults age 40-50

Location: Education Building, 207

Contact: Dean Ratliff or Marc Morgan

Founded in 1985, New Beginnings is comprised of married and single adults, with children ranging from elementary to young adults. Class members lead the thought-provoking, discussion-based lessons. New Beginnings organizes a unique annual service project called the "Alternative Christmas Catalog," published each November, raising several thousand dollars for missions. They also support Honduras Outreach, Appalachia Service Project, Missionaries in Africa, and Habitat for Humanity. Our social gatherings include Chinese New Year and Cinco de Mayo dinners, summer swim parties, and Derby Day, Autumn Candlelight, Christmas and New Year's Eve parties.


For: Adults 40 - 50

Location: Sycamore Building, 3rd Floor

Contact: John Beal

Seekers, as in "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" was founded in 1989 by eight couples. This group which now includes married and single adults has grown to 45 members. Member children range in age from the crib to high school. Lessons are given by class members and guest teachers. Topics range from lessons on the Bible to current events and family issues. Social gatherings include large events such as the Christmas party and annual pool party. Smaller bi-monthly gatherings for pizza dinner or playground time are also popular. The largest single mission of the Seekers is the Children's Sunday school program, with over half the class teaching in some capacity.

Spirited Singles

For: Mature Adults

Location: Education Building, Room 218

Contact: Robert Dixon

Spirited Singles - Spirited Singles was founded in 1992 for mature singles. This group utilizes discussion, lecture, and video for learning. The class is taught by members and various guest speakers. The class gets together monthly for potluck dinners, day trips, book review club, and site seeing. Annual missions are scholarships to Honduras children, Angel Tree children, and Methodist Children's Home graduates. In addition, the class usually sits together at church worship and Wednesday night dinners and several members meet for lunch after church on Sundays.


For: Adults 30s to 40s

Location: Education Building, Room 316

Contact: Rev. Laura Rappold

You would be welcome in the Trinity Class! This discussion based group studies a wide variety of topics related to the intersection of faith and life. The class is primarily attended by adults in their 30s and 40s, but all ages and stages of life are welcome. Discussions are led by participants using study guides and Bible studies. The Trinity class meets 9:45-10:45am. For more information, contact Rev. Laura Rappold.


For: Adults, 20's & 30's

Location: Education Building, Room 314

Contact: Betsy Eddy

Founded in 2012, Zoe is Greek, meaning spiritual life. Lessons cover a variety of topics by guest speakers and teachers. The class gets together monthly for social gatherings. Our growing group has single and married adults.