VBS 2017 Registration

June 12 - 16

If you are registering multiple children, you will need to submit a separate registration form for each child.

Name of Person Completing this Form *
Name of Person Completing this Form
Child Info
Child's Gender *
Child's Birthdate *
Child's Birthdate
Vacation Bible School is available to children ages rising pre-K (turning age 4 by September 1, 2017) through rising 6th grade.
What grade will your child be entering the Fall of 2017? *
Please note that rising 5th & 6th graders will participate in a daily off-site service/learning program. An additional release will need to be completed for this program (provided after child is registered). Information will be provided once project sites are finalized. Last year locations included Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry (E. Ponce de Leon Ave.), Global Growers (Stone Mountain) and other local agencies. Children travel in the church van/bus and are accompanied by DFUMC staff and seasoned volunteer church members.
Child's Address *
Child's Address
Parent Contact info
First Parent or Guardian's Name *
First Parent or Guardian's Name
First Parent or Guardian's Phone *
First Parent or Guardian's Phone
Second Parent or Guardian's Name
Second Parent or Guardian's Name
Second Parent or Guardian Phone
Second Parent or Guardian Phone
General Info
Do you regularly attend Decatur First United Methodist Church? *
Does your child attend Decatur First UMC Preschool & Kindergarten? *
Are there friends attending VBS with whom your child wants to be grouped? *
Aftercare Options
Will you be registering for Aftercare? *
Aftercare is available until 5:30pm daily for an additional cost. You may select one of two aftercare options: 1. Lego Play camp provided by "Builder Bunch" ($125 for the week) or 2. Natural Arts & Storytelling camp with "Kids Go Wild" with Christy Foelsch ($150 for the week). Once you complete VBS registration you will receive a link for aftercare registration.
Volunteer Opportunities
Vacation Bible School is a volunteer-led ministry of Decatur First United Methodist Church. We need your help to make VBS a safe and meaningful experience for kids and adults alike. If you have not previously filled out a volunteer form, please consider identifying where you would most like to partner with the Children’s Ministries in support of VBS.
I have already completed the volunteer information or spoken with VBS leadership about volunteering:
Volunteer opportunities DURING the week of VBS, check all that you're interested in. We will follow up with you to confirm an assignment. Thank you!
June 12 - 16 8:45am - 12:15pm. Please note that many of the following volunteer positions DURING the week of VBS require a background check. Small group shepherds volunteer in teams of 2 people to lead groups of appx. 10 kids from one rotation area to the next but are not required to create lesson plans or activities. Small group shepherds need to commit to at least 2 mornings in order to provide some consistency for the children. Check as many as apply.
Which days of the week DURING VBS are you available to volunteer:
Childcare is offered for kids too young to attend VBS while his/her parent is volunteering. Would you need childcare for your child(ren) while you volunteer?
Other Volunteer Opportunities
These volunteer opportunities do not require you to be on-site during VBS week. Many can be done on your own time prior to or after VBS.
Emergency Contact Info
In the event a parent/guardian cannot be reached.
Contact #1 - Name *
Contact #1 - Name
Contact #1 - Phone *
Contact #1 - Phone
Contact #2 - Name
Contact #2 - Name
Contact #2 - Phone
Contact #2 - Phone
Authorization to Consent to Treatment of Minor:
Do you agree to the Consent to Treatment of minor? *
In the event of an emergency or non-emergency situation in which medical treatment is required as a result of participation in Vacation Bible School on June 12-16, 2017, every reasonable effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian and emergency contacts listed. If unsuccessful in contacting the persons listed, consent/permission is hereby given for treatment by competent medical personnel. Furthermore, unless specified otherwise, consent/permission is hereby given to all accompanying adult staff or volunteer leaders on this trip to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery as recommended by qualified medical personnel. If possible, the adult leader should make final decisions in cooperation with medical personnel. I understand that Decatur First United Methodist Church does not carry accident or medical insurance on participants or volunteers. I agree that my insurance company will be used for such medical care expenses and I am aware that I may be billed by the medical provider for any medical treatment expenses not covered by my insurance. I understand that if I do not have medical insurance coverage that I am responsible for the payment of any and all medical bills.
Statement of Release
Do you agree to the Statement of Release:
Decatur First United Methodist Church/ Children’s Ministries reserves the right to cancel or withdraw a registration based on improper behavior and conduct of child participant and/or parent. Consent is hereby given for the above registrant to participate in any and all Vacation Bible School activities. Decatur First United Methodist Church, its agents, employees, volunteers and any persons connected herewith are hereby released from any and all liability, claims, and causes of action arising out of or connected with participation in Vacation Bible School.
Photograph Waiver
Do you agree to the Photograph Waiver: *
I give consent for my child to be photographed, videotaped or filmed while participating in class activities and for the resulting images to be used by Decatur First United Methodist Church Children’s Ministries for promotional purposes.
Please read this before you click submit:
Once you submit this form you will be provided a link to the DFUMC Online Donation Page. Once you click the link, look for the VBS payments area. VBS is $30 per child (includes a VBS T-shirt) made payable to DFUMC. It is recommended that you pay for multiple children at one time, but you'll need to complete a separate VBS registration form for each child. If you need to register your child for aftercare, then you can click on the link provided in the vbs confirmation email & complete your aftercare registration through their websites. Remember aftercare is not paid to decatur first but rather directly to the aftercare vendors.